Ready, Steady, GO

Today has been an exciting day. Hunter and I received our passports- complete with our Japanese visas- in the mail today. I notified our recruitment coordinator and he replied back saying that they would like for us to arrive in time for the start of orientation on November 9th, “which would mean departing no later than November 7th.” The seventh is this Saturday- only three days away! And if they can book earlier rather than later then we leave Friday, meaning tomorrow is our last full day here. Will flying from the continental US to Asia make us lose an extra day? Are we going to have time to apartment hunt, let alone rest and recover from the long flight, before we throw ourselves into orientation? It’s only a couple of days earlier than we were planning, but it feels like this all escalated very quickly. Apart from selling my car, I think that everything else will be relatively fast and easy to wrap up though. As long as my Yakkan Shoumei comes through in time, I am good to go. The person I’ve been in contact with has been very responsive so far, so I’m not sweating it (yet).

The only downside to all this is having less time to spend with my family. I will miss them (and my bff Ali) more than anyone while I’m away, and I know that they’re going to be sad to see me go. Everything will be fine of course, because distance isn’t a barrier between me and the people I really care about, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy. I can already guarantee that I will bawl at the airport and my Mom and I will cause an absolute scene XD It’s how we do. 

This crazy, awesome plan is real now though! It’s the final countdown! I can hardly fathom the idea that next week I will be living it up in Osaka, but at the same time I am beyond excited. Let’s do this thing!


One thought on “Ready, Steady, GO

  1. Just to give you a heads up, I will be emailing you guys at least twice a month if not more (gotta make sure I have stuff to tell you about 😉

    You will both be great! I have all the best wishes for you.



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